I am owned and I am loved

This blog is NSFW and not intended for those under 18. The content is not mine and if I have not given proper credit please let me know.

A bit about me.

When my Wife and i met in 2008 she did not know anything about the BDSM lifestyle. I introduced her to a D/s relationship early on knowing that is what i wanted and wasn't going to settle. Back then, i was the Dom and she was the sub. Over time I began to realize that the more in love with her I fell the more I wanted to be submissive to her. I had never experienced those feelings in any other relationship (part of how i knew she was the one). I brought up the idea to her over two years ago and she did not take to it very kindly though reluctantly agreed to try it. Since then we have played with it a bit off and on, including chastity. I knew I needed to be very patient and so I was. last time I had worn my steel heart was Nov 2012, until, the beginning of Jun 2013 where out of the blue she told me to put my collar (the steel heart) on. Asked me if i was "prepared to be her ultimate slave". "yes Mistress" I replied. she told me i needed to be sure because she was serious this time and that SHE now finally wanted this. I am sure Mistress. And so it has begun and neither of us have been happier. Today we both commented to each other that our relationship is the strongest it has ever been. I love my Wife, my Miss Kat, and am very lucky to have her/be hers.